Certainty in a World of Risk

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Poulton Associates delivers extraordinary value and relationships of trust to insurers, insurance professionals and insurance buyers at the intersection of knowledge, technology, and wisdom.


Managing General Agent and Wholesale Services

Our wholesale insurance products are offered exclusively through licensed insurance professionals in all 50 states.

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Over 5,500 professional insurance organizations find greater value for their clients by accessing our specialty insurance products and programs using our unparalleled online delivery platforms.

For example, by delivering superior catastrophe insurance products through our custom online platform, www.CatCoverage.com, Poulton Associates has become the largest private flood insurance facility in the United States.


Commercial Insurance Consultative Broker Services

Our commitment to following your vision allows our commercial insurance brokerage group to provide transformational insight, analysis and market access to solve your complex risks issues.

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We take the time to provide truly consultative risk services that articulate your attitudes about risk and the treatment of your exposure to loss.

Access to our sophisticated insurance management services provides your organization with results that make a real difference to your bottom line.

From brokering coverage on international commercial vehicle schedules in over 100 countries to insuring the first carbon-based composite military hardware ever manufactured, we continue to deliver transformational risk services to our select group of extraordinary clients.


Direct to Consumer Services

Through separately owned but affiliated organizations, we allow some of our insurance products to be provided to specific sets of insurance consumers.

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Some of our specialty products cannot be accessed by insurance buyers through their existing insurance intermediary. In certain instances, we fill that need by providing narrow groups of insurance consumers with direct access to our products.

For example, insurance buyers who do business exclusively with some captive insurance agents find value by accessing our programs through one of these distinct intermediaries.

Delivering Solutions Born of Values, Innovation, and Competence

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Our Vision

  • Enhance outcomes through innovation and technical excellence
  • Add value through integrity and deep understanding
  • Make a positive difference in the lives we touch

Our Mission

  • We are committed to treating others as we wish to be treated.
  • We are committed to acting with honesty and integrity as we provide our associates, and business partners with innovative insurance and risk resolution products and services that consistently exceed their requirements.
  • We create delivery platforms that add extraordinary value for customers at the intersection of knowledge, technology and wisdom.
  • We empower members of our company and hold one another accountable for honest, ethical, productive behaviors as well as profitable results.
  • We must always be a partner worthy of trust.

Our Commitment

  • Service You Can Rely On
  • Follow Through on Our Promises
  • The Insurance Product You Want
  • The Right Person When You Need Them
  • A Focus on Risk Resolution, Not Just Selling Insurance


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